One Answer To ‘Why Do Anything?’

Aeoli Pera over at that one blog has asked a question to all the NEETs out there: Why Do Anything?

But why, though?

Most people absorb their values from the collective unconscious, through the biased filter of their genetic temperament.

I’m no exception to this–more of my worldview probably comes from Veggie Tales than I would be comfortable to know.

Thus, most people can’t deconstruct their ethics, which brings us to the question in the title.

Why do anything?

It’s the most basic question in ethics and I bet if I asked you right now you’d give me a list of noble adjectives with no logical, syllogistic content describing someone you’d like to be someday as long as it’s not too uncomfortable.

I can count on my hand the number of people I know who can answer this question five whys deep. No offense, but if you can’t even do this you’re basically subhuman filth.

The trick is coming up with your own ‘why’s, because you don’t always want to deconstruct yourself with the hard questions.

Anyway, here’s what I got:

–Why do anything?
Well, I tried not doing anything, and it really didn’t work.

–Why didn’t it work?
Something about ‘to find rest, you must seek exertion’. The NEET life makes you feel terrible and useless. Living for pleasure is a full-time job, because if you ever stop, you remember you have nothing to live for.
It’s better to do the anime thing, find ‘something you want to protect’ and live for other people, even just a little bit.

–Why do the extra work of ‘live for other people’ instead of just end it all?
Survival instinct too stronk. Fear of pain too stronk. If I’m going to live for a very long time, whether I want to or not, might as well set myself up as best I can for the future.

–Why set yourself up as best you can? Why not find an equilibrium, tread water and ‘stay comfy’?
Because I am not just setting myself up for the future anymore. I have people I need to protect, and to set them up for the future, I have to do more than I have been. I have to think about the needs and desires of others now, too.

It’s a great day to do squats and deadlifts and do things for the people I love, and who care about me. And taxes. Man, taxes suck.

–But why is doing the anime thing ‘better’?
Personally, it boosts all my life outcome metrics by a crazy amount. Results are noice.
It’s good for the people around me that I care about.
Stable people investing in their community is a basic building block of ‘we live in a society’.

Better in a more global sense?

Universal ideologies fail because no finite set of rules can fit all permutations of an infinite world. Maybe it could be a bad thing to do in some situations.
If a person is interested in ‘saving humanity/civilization/’The West’… friendship and community service is more powerful than voting.

Doing uncomfortable but useful things for an hour or so a day is more effective than all the purity spiraling and ‘poolside sitting’ in the world. You might be surprised how much you can get done before dinner.

Picture of comfy cat in front of a laptop.
Computer breaks are fine too, though. Rest After Creation!

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